Wrap gift in balloon yourself

Gifts are usually wrapped in gift wrap or cellophane paper, decorated with bows or even lovingly decorated with flowers. Is that too unspectacular for you? You don’t want to just give someone a gift, but rather inspire them? How about a gift – wrapped in a balloon yourself? Follow the big trend and give your surprise packed in a balloon. This will put a smile on everyone’s face!

Why wrap a gift in a balloon yourself?

You sit at your desk and wrap a gift – just like you always do. You take the colored wrapping paper and wrap it around the surprise. Then add some ribbon around it and the wrapped gift is ready. Bored of drab gift wrapping, looking for something a little more intriguing? You want to elicit a surprised look from your recipient and also a laugh?

Gift wrapping diy with confetti

Then the idea of wrapping your gift in a balloon is the perfect option! It is not just beautiful to look at: We are reminded of our inner child and can’t help but be happy about it. It doesn’t matter what occasion you want to wrap a gift in a balloon. With selected shades of colors and sweet inscriptions, this idea will find a place not only on a child’s birthday. Especially on weddings, anniversaries or even baby showers you can give a great pleasure to the recipient!

What gifts fit in a balloon?

For large and elaborate gifts, there are of course special stores that have all the means to fit your gift into a balloon. However, we are all about creating something big and beautiful out of small and simple things!

Of course, you have limited space to put a gift through the neck of the balloon and into the balloon. That’s why we’ve made a list of small surprises that work:

make-up (e.g. mascara)
small pieces of jewelry (e.g. earrings or small necklaces)
Vouchers (of course best written or made by yourself)
Sweets (e.g. the favorite sweets of the person who is to receive the gift)

What you should definitely add to any gift is confetti or glitter! This just looks incredibly beautiful in a transparent balloon and also highlights any content again.

How can I wrap a gift in a balloon?

To wrap a gift in a balloon yourself, you can basically take any balloon. However, we always recommend transparent balloons, because there the content can be staged more beautifully and also confetti and Co achieve a greater effect.

And the bigger the balloon, the more space your gift has! To give you a small overview of the things you should consider for the gift in the balloon, we have a small step-by-step guide for you:

Get ready what you need: Balloon, gift, confetti. Depending on what your balloon is for, you can have helium or an air pump ready.
We recommend that you inflate the balloon first so that it stretches. This can be done with your mouth or an air pump. The air is then let out again.
Now fill your balloon with confetti or glitter.
Next, maneuver your gift into the balloon. Money & coupons should be rolled up and can be held together with nice ribbon.
Finally, you can fill the balloon with air or helium (if you want the balloon to fly). After that, it is closed with a knot. If you want the balloon to float, please keep in mind that the gifts in the balloon are not too heavy or the balloon is big enough, otherwise it will sink to the ground.

The engagement ring in a balloon

Our absolute pro tip! Planning to ask your sweetheart if you want to spend the rest of your lives together? Such an engagement does not always have to be planned fastidiously. A question that comes from the heart should convey just that. How about an engagement ring in a transparent balloon? Plus, of course, some gold confetti to give the proposal a certain glamour factor!

If you want to give the whole event an extra personal touch, you can of course also use our number balloons and, for example, visualize the date on which you got together with the help of the balloons.

You can then write “Will you marry me?” on the balloons with a glittery gold permanent marker. This will warm any heart, whether it’s a man or a woman. No matter the place or time of day. Ask the one question!

Whether it’s wrapping a gift in a balloon yourself or using a balloon to propose – we wish you lots of creative crafting fun with both ideas and hope you were able to gather as many great ideas as possible. The possibilities are as varied as the joy itself. So go ahead and conjure up a smile!