What’s The Best Type Of Paint For Bathrooms?

You can find a wide range of colours, from sink taps to bathroom walls, in small local shops and large homeware stores. This guide will help you avoid feeling overwhelmed in the paint aisle when renovating or updating your bathroom collection. The best type of paint for the bathroom is satin, semi-gloss or gloss paint with an anti-mould additive. Ideally, the paint you choose should last for some time. However, if you want a flat or non-gloss colour, you have various options available. Always clean and prime your walls before painting to get the best results.

The colour of the walls will affect the reflection in the mirror

White, cream, grey and pink are popular colours in bathrooms for a reason: they are calming, easy on the eye and work on your reflections. These neutral shades don’t distort your skin in the mirror the way they cast light. On the other hand, bright blues or greens can give your skin an unnatural glow and interact with natural or artificial light in the bathroom to accentuate dark circles and blemishes. If someone in the family uses the bathroom for grooming, a soft neutral wall color is probably the most sensible (and flattering) choice.

Oil Paint vs. Latex Paint

If you’re looking for the right color for your bathroom, choose water-based emulsion paints. While oil-based paint is known for its durability and scrub resistance – qualities you need when painting a bathroom – it requires mineral oil to clean, dries slowly between coats, and can release large amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Over time, the paint can turn yellow, especially in low light. Anti-mould paints Anti-mould paints are ideal for small bathrooms without proper ventilation or for bathrooms that have had mould problems in the past. As Bob Vila points out, these paints contain antibacterial ingredients that actively fight mold by killing existing mold and preventing new mold from growing. There are many options on the market. Aura Bath And Spa Matt Paint by Benjamin Moore and Perma-White by Zinze are two of the most popular options and can be found on Amazon.

Semi-gloss paint

 Home designers and remodelers almost unanimously agree that semi-gloss paint is the best choice for painting bathrooms. This includes walls, cabinets, and fixtures that need to be resistant to moisture, stains, and peeling. Bathrooms are used more often than the average room in the home, so they need a paint that is easy to clean and mildew resistant. Semi-gloss paint meets this requirement.

Proper preparation

There’s no point painting your walls with anti-mould paint if you already have mould on them. Before priming and painting, thoroughly clean the walls and remove any mould with a solution of bleach and water (three parts water to one part bleach). Prepare properly with a rag and tape to make sure your beautiful new paint is applied only to the wall – where it’s supposed to be.