The Best Places to Position Your Bed in the Bedroom

The headboard should be close to the main wall.

In practice, however, this is not always the best solution, as it depends on the layout of the bedroom and the adjoining rooms. The position of the bed depends on the size and proportions of the bedroom”, says the interior coordinator.

Ukrainian designer Yulia Goravskaya says, “If the floor plan is square, it is best to place the bed on the central axis. But what if the bedroom is rectangular? Then it’s best to divide the room into zones and separate the position of the bed from the position of the chair or table.”

Don’t block doors and windows

As a general rule, it is best not to block windows and doors with furniture. Not only does this limit their use, but covering windows with beds or headboards can prevent valuable natural light from entering the room. However, if this is the only option, a bed can be placed in front of the window. The aim is to cover as little of the window as possible. One option is to use a smaller headboard (or a headboard without a headboard) that can be placed underneath without obstructing the window.


Like many people, you will want to place the bed in the middle of the longest wall of the bedroom. This is because the bed is likely to be the focal point of the room. Balance this out by exposing a comfortable seating area and providing space for headboards on either side of the bed. Patterns on the headboard and walls can also be used to add a stylish accent to the headboard.

Opposite corners

To rearrange your bedroom, try placing the bed at an angle in the corner opposite the door. This arrangement works best in larger bedrooms, as it requires more space than placing the bed in the middle of the wall.

Similar to placing the bed in the middle of the wall opposite the door, an angled layout makes the bed and headboard the focal point of the room as this layout is unique and eye-catching. Neutral colour schemes and minimal furniture can easily enhance the simple decor of a bedroom.