The Best DIY Entryway Bench Projects

Backpacks, coats and tons of shoes scattered all over the hallway looking chaotic and disorganized? You really don’t need to struggle with organizing your front door, because something as simple as a nice bench can make things much easier. And these DIY entryway bench projects prove that making this kind of furniture at home is a very simple task!

DIY Bookshelf Bench Seat with Storage Bins

This is an easy and fun way to make a storage bench. Family members can store their belongings in the storage box underneath, while the cushioned top provides additional seating. This beautiful bench is perfect for storing winter hats and gloves in the hallway, or creating a reading nook in the bedroom.

Recycled Headboard Bench Seat Project

This is a great way to recycle headboards in your bedroom that are no longer in use. Headboard benches are perfect for entryways. They can also be used as outdoor seating on a covered porch. The wicker baskets under the bench also provide valuable storage space.

From Chair Backs to Bench

Give your old recycled chairs a new look with this surprisingly easy DIY project. Remove the seat and make two simple rectangular boxes from a piece of wood, then secure them to the back of the chair. Place a plywood seat on top of the boxes and you have an attractive, European-style antique ottoman at an affordable price. This stylish piece is perfect for the hallway, dining room, or even the foot of the bed.

Antique Door Entryway Coat Rack

Smaller doors require more ingenuity in interior design and furniture. This DIY bench is another example of how you can create a unique design on a limited budget. An antique wooden door was placed behind the platform and two wooden frames were used to create the seating surface. A crossbeam was added to make the seat more stable. The angled wood and old-fashioned hooks give it a vintage look. Paint rejuvenates the wood, but the wear and tear of age remains.

Turn the headboard into a pillow in the entryway

Turning a headboard into a bench is nothing new, but this clever way of combining a traditional wooden bench with a double headboard simplifies the entire woodworking process. Fill it with cushions and store baskets underneath for a non-traditional entryway bench with comfortable seating and storage space.