Make your own candlestick

If you need a candlestick and don’t have one on hand right now, you can make one yourself in just a few steps. We have some hints and tips for you on how to do it successfully.

Make candlesticks yourself: The right candle

If you make a candlestick yourself, you should pay attention to what candle you want to put in it or on it.
Pay attention to the height and width of the candle: the longer the candle is in relation to the width, the more likely it is to fall over. If necessary, attach a spike to which the candle can be attached.
Some candles drip more than others. Pay attention to whether the wax is collected well. This is especially important with very thin candles.
There are candles that twist at the edge. In this case, it is important that you allow some extra space around the candle.

Make candlestick yourself

In order for the candle to stand securely, it may need to be attached. There are several ways to do this that we will introduce here.
Take the lid of a canning jar and hammer a small nail through the center from the top.
Get some non-flammable colored tape and wrap it around the base of the candle. The base should be wide enough for the candle to stand.
Fill a jar with play dough and use your fingers to drill a hole about as wide as the candle in the center of the play dough. Once you have placed the candle inside, you can press to plasticize down. If you leave some space above to plasticize, you can pour in some water. This way the candle will automatically stop burning at the end.
Put the candle into the neck of a bottle. If the neck is just a little narrower, you can pin the candle in place just fine.

Make the decoration for the candlestick yourself.

When the base for the candlestick is built, the candle can actually already be lit. However, it does not necessarily look beautiful yet. Here are some ideas to make your candlestick more beautiful.
Place the attached candle in a large enough colored jar.
If you have tape wrapped around the candle: Wrap some more thick wool yarn or rope around the base of the candle to hide the tape. You can use super glue or double-sided tape to secure the ends. Be careful, though, that the yarn doesn’t start to burn.
Place the candle, including the base, in a bowl and fill it with sand.
Make a lantern out of cardboard and transparent paper. This way you can make patterns or pictures. You can also attach the paper to a large glass.