Kitchen Counter Decor Ideas You’ll Want to Try ASAP

The appeal of impactful objects

If you prefer a clean kitchen countertop, you can add objects with a strong presence – Kristin Nix Interiors has boldly placed bronze star objects on a simple white quartz countertop. The vibrant colour contrasts sharply with the white stove.

Coffee station

We’re big fans of coffee, so creating a cute and useful coffee station in our kitchen was a must. Everyone who drinks coffee, tea or any other beverage has a beverage station. Very practical, isn’t it? Okay. Coffee stations are very practical, but … Shop. Simplification. Make it attractive.

Keep essentials on the hob for easy access.

Did you know that the space above your cooktop is a treasure trove of storage? It makes sense when you think about what you take out while cooking. A simple shelf above the stove provides quick access to essentials like salt and pepper, measuring cups and olive oil.

Pretty towels

Let me tell you a story about my Italian mother when I was a child. My mother had towels in the bathroom, but they were for show, not for use. If I wanted to use a towel, I had to buy a separate towel. What do you mean you can’t use the towels on the bathroom shelf? And then as an adult… Now I completely understand… Ha ha.

So the “clean towels” are for display, they can be used to wipe down dishes, but not to wipe down dishes or large spills. I always hang “clean towels” over the sink and on the cutting board. Some people hang them on oven handles, but I don’t really like them.

Cute things make great interior decorations

Invest in interesting and important objects and make them into decorative pieces. Many essentials, such as cutting boards, salt and pepper shakers, are elegant and stylish. These items will complement your kitchen counter beautifully. Thoughtful designs that can be quickly pulled out when needed.

Natural textures create warmth

The incorporation of polished wood structures such as kitchen worktops not only adds warmth but also harmonises with the colours. The brown tones are reminiscent of “earth”, which stands for stability, security and confidence.

It also has a calming and antidepressant effect. It also suits classic interiors, but in minimalist kitchens, brown can be combined with other light colours to create an attractive space.