Decorate the Christmas tree

There is not one golden way to decorate the Christmas tree: Most of it depends on taste, environment and traditions.

Some love their tree minimally decorated, with only lights. The others can’t have enough colors and decorations on the tree. There are Christmas trees purely in red or silver, some adapt theirs to the colors of their house or place. But one thing is for sure: the lights add color and light to the tree.

That’s why we’ve put together these guidelines for your Christmas tree and clarify all the questions, from how many lights are needed to how long the string of lights should be.

How many lights are necessary depends on several factors:

First of all, how big is the tree and what is the circumference of the tree?
How many lights for the Christmas tree
The two pieces of information are put in relation to the distance you want to have between each turn of the string of lights
Usually, the higher the tree, the greater the distance.

Now you can think about the different variants of the lights decorations.
Traditionally, you use a string of lights: but note, for the same length, different strings of lights can have different numbers of lights.

The LEDs can be smaller or larger, strung close together or spaced farther apart.

If you like your tree brightly lit, choose cluster light strings: The LEDs shine almost directly together and are directed in all directions, so the tree seems to be surrounded by a veritable garland of lights. This decoration looks so strong that it doesn’t need any accessories at all.

Tree lighting with LED cluster lights

If lights are more of a detail for you, you’ll be right with chains with a more discreet effect, like those with mini LEDs: they’re smaller and farther apart, illuminating discreetly and highlighting the rest of the decorations. Embellish your tree with Christmas motifs, pendants and homemade crafts.

The color of the tree can also be highlighted with lights. On white trees, a transparent wire does better, and on green trees, a dark green wire – because it doesn’t stand out, while the light beautifully accentuates the branches.

White Christmas tree with LED lights

Seems complicated? Or you just don’t have time for elaborate tree lighting? Maybe the so-called “light cape”: a network of lights adapted to the shape of the classic Christmas tree. You can “cover” this to your quick tree, with the desired effect that the lights are evenly distributed.

Christmas tree with net of lights
This worked so well that you also want to turn the tree in your garden into a Christmas tree?