Clever Ways and Ideas on How to Cover Tiles Cheaply

Is your bathroom or kitchen tile an eyesore or looking old? Are you considering covering it up? Or, if it’s 70s orange, are you thinking of smashing it with a hammer? Is it just me? Today, covering them up is the perfect solution to make them invisible.

So today we’re offering you tips and ideas for covering tiles for less. These solutions may seem like sweeping them under the rug, but they’re both cheaper and less of a hassle than replacing them with new ones. Then nail the carpet to the floor. Is it me again?

Painting the Tiles

If you’re tired of the tone of your bathroom, or if your tiles are looking old and dirty, there’s an easy and inexpensive solution: paint. There are now modern waterproof tile paints available that are specifically designed for bathrooms.

You can choose a texture to suit your taste and the requirements of your bathroom, such as gloss, satin or matte. For bathrooms, several options are available to prevent mold and mildew from growing on the joints.

Use of waterproof coatings

Paint is one of the best options if permanent changes can be made. It can give new life to scratched, dirty and old-colored tiles. It’s also a good opportunity to add interesting patterns, such as chessboard-style pieces. When painting tile, use a waterproof paint formulated to adhere to slippery surfaces. Latex or epoxy paints are the best choice. All of these paints are available in matte, gloss and satin finishes to help you achieve the perfect look.

Hide the tiles with shower film

You can find great shower and tub tiles that hide the old tiles. This method takes less time than painting the tiles, but it won’t last as long. Shower enclosures are often designed as a system of acrylic wall panels that can be easily installed on the shower wall. They are patterned from floor to ceiling, giving the bathroom a complete look. The tiles are bonded to the wall with a silicone sealant and are mostly waterproof and mold resistant. All shower tiles are available in standard shapes and sizes, so you can easily measure your space and order online.

Can I apply peel-and-stick tile over tile?

Most release papers can be applied to existing surfaces, provided they are available. Keep in mind that some removable tiles can only be successfully installed if the grout lines are filled to the same height as the existing tiles. Click here to learn how to install tile over existing tile.

How do I cover old tiles in the bathroom?

Painting is one way to cover old tile in bathrooms. Waterproof tile paints give tiles a clean, new look. When choosing a tile paint, make sure it is specifically formulated for bathrooms. Latex or epoxy paints are the best choice.