Christmas tree

We promise the best Christmas tree 
that you’ve ever had!

Fraser Fir Trees
Sizes from 3′ – 12′ tall.

Our secret for the freshest Christmas trees possible:  

Our trees are cut right before we pick them up. Our staff picks them up with our truck, so we get them to our nursery within hours.  The entire load is wrapped in cloth during transit to prevent wind burn.  

Once received at our garden center, they get another cut and are immediately placed in water.  (The age of the cut is crucial to freshness, hours matter!)  They are kept in water and the trees are hosed down daily until they go home with you.

If you keep your tree in water and away from heat sources, your tree will stay 
fresh and fragrant thru the holidays!

We took our family tree outside December 29th, 2013, & attempted to set it on fire, we literally could not get it to burn, it was still that fresh!

Garland – floral quality Boxwood, Mixed White Pine, and Frazier Fir.

Wreaths – floral quality Boxwood, Mixed (our most popular), and Frazier Fir.  Sizes from 12″ to 48″.

Guaranteed the fattest, freshest, and prettiest you’ve every seen!

How to choose a perfect christmas tree

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