Can You Paint Bathroom Countertops?

Are you tired of your old bathroom countertops? Then you may be wondering if you can get your bathroom countertops painted. Below you can find a wealth of information on redesigning your bathroom countertops. Find out which colors are best and if they are worth the extra money, all here. Let’s get started.

Everything you need to know about DIY painted bathroom countertops and sinks

If you’re a new visitor to TwoBees, I recently completed a complete bathroom renovation on a budget. All surfaces were renovated except for the bathroom. One of the biggest renovations and most cost effective projects was the countertop and sink. The existing countertop was 64 inches and not a standard size. The cost of replacing the countertops was too high to fit into the current budget. After doing a lot of research and asking a lot of questions, I came up with a solution.

A DIY painted bathroom countertop and sink was my answer. Here are all the details, including before and after photos of the project, as well as the pros and cons. So here you can see what my starting point was. I have this lovely hexagonal sink that is also part of the countertop. I don’t like the shape of this sink and the color of this countertop is just gross!

Things are always dirty in here. Even after I fixed it up with some painted floors and new lavatory paint. For me, I never thought about painting the counter because for some reason I was worried it wouldn’t stand up to the abuse of my kids who banged their toothbrushes on the counter every day or often left chunks of toothpaste glue in the sink.

So, one day I met an inspiring Instagram user who was using electric epoxy paint on her bathroom counter and I couldn’t believe the beautiful results At that moment, I knew I was going to try it So, I ran down to my basement, rummaged through my paint stash and lo and behold, there was a full quart of epoxy for kitchen appliances!

That’s pretty significant. I mean, in that moment, I mean, I was making a point. I mean, at that moment, I realized that I was officially a DIY hoarder and had completely forgotten that I had purchased this product years ago.

How to Paint a Bathroom Countertop

This is a fairly easy process if certain steps are followed. Not following these steps can lead to disappointing results.

  1. Clean your countertop. Wipe it down with warm soapy water and let it dry sufficiently before continuing. You should allow it to dry to prevent moisture from seeping under the paint.
  2. Scrub the countertop with 150 grit sandpaper, using a damp cloth to remove any dust. Again, allow it to dry before proceeding.
  3. Use an acrylic primer to prepare the painted surface. Use a glossy primer for shiny or glistening surfaces.
  4. Let the first coat of primer dry and allow it to dry before applying the second coat of primer.
  5. After applying two coats of primer, it is time to paint. Using a satin or semi-gloss latex paint, apply two to three coats. Again, be sure to allow it to dry completely between coats.
  6. Once finished, apply one coat of clear acrylic paint. Use a semi-gloss or satin acrylic as it will be more resistant to scratches and wear. After following each of these steps, the job is complete.

Be gentle with the painted countertop as it continues to dry and solidify for a few days. If the results are not satisfactory, repeat the process from step 2.