5 DIY acrylic ideas with flowers and leaves

Today we show you 5 ideas how to make small works of art with acrylic and pressed flowers and leaves. These can be used quite flexibly: As a name plate or door sign, beautiful souvenir picture of the wedding day or simply as a special wall mural.

Sometimes the creation of a DIY idea just takes a little longer. Especially when you have new material and have to plan a real experimentation phase to test different processing techniques. That’s what happened to me with this acrylic glass project. All the more inspire me now the results, all five become super beautiful. I am now totally inspired and have many special personalized gift ideas for wedding, moving or birth.

DIY ideas acrylic sheets

You can have the right acrylic glass for your projects cut to size at Kunststoffplattenonline.de. There you can determine all properties as desired. In other words, the size and thickness, the appearance, whether it should be transparent, colored or reflective. Of course, you can also cut your own shapes for your projects.

Order acrylic sheetsI have chosen transparent acrylic sheets in DIN-A5 format and in hexagon shape. With the plates I have then implemented various projects, which I now describe to you in detail, because I have used here partly different gluing methods. I used acrylic glue, strong transparent tape and super glue. I also bought pretty, large and small paper clips that not only give the signs a hold, but also provide a hanging option.

Acrylic glass plates DIY material

  1. acrylic house number sign with pressed flowers
    DIY acrylic house number

The house number sign consists of two glued acrylic glass plates with pressed flowers in the middle. On top of it I added an adhesive foil with a cut out house number.

  • Material
  • 2 acrylic glass plates, DIN-A5 format, 15 cm x 21 cm, transparent, 5 mm thick
  • Pressed flowers
  • Adhesive foil with marble motif
  • Scissors, cutting machine
  • special glue: Acrifix
  • small paper clips for fixing
  • 1 large golden paper clip for hanging (14 cm)
  • 1 pair of pliers (for bending the clamps, see tip below)

For cutting out the house number:

  • Precision knife
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • Carbon paper
  • cutting mat
  • alternatively you can use a plotter

This is how it works

First remove the protective foils from the acrylic glass plates. For this project I tried the acrylic glass special glue Acrifix. This glue ensures that the two sheets virtually fuse together. The result is bombproof. I glued the plates together in the middle. However, since the glasses are transparent, you can still see some adhesive bubbles after gluing. So the perfect place to stick the adhesive film right over there.

Gluing acrylic glass with Acrifix

Cutting out adhesive foil with house number – with or without plotter
If you have a plotter, you can use it to cut out the house number on the adhesive foil.

If you don’t have a plotter at home, you can simply print out a template with the writing program in the desired size on paper and transfer the outlines of the numbers with the help of carbon paper on the foil. Then cut out the outlines on the foil with a precision knife. Use a ruler to help with straight lines.

You can now hang the house number sign on the clamp, place it on the window or stick it to the window with transparent adhesive strips.

House number sign DIY

  1. acrylic name plate with pressed flowers and leaves
    Acrylic glass name plate DIY

This nameplate is fixed on the top and bottom with very strong tape. The large clamp looks great for this, additionally holds the whole thing together well and provides a hanging option. You can hang it as a door sign simply on a hook on the house wall.

  • Material
  • 2 acrylic glass plates, DIN-A5 format, 15 cm x 21 cm, transparent, 5 mm thick
  • Pressed flowers
  • Power Tape, transparent
  • Semi-transparent paper
  • Printer
  • large paper clamp (14 cm wide)
  • Pliers (for bending the clamps, see tip below)

This is how it works
Remove the protective foils from the acrylic glass plates. Arrange the flowers and leaves on the acrylic glass plate. Print out the name tag with your printer on the transparent paper and cut it to fit.
Place the transparent paper on the bottom acrylic plate and carefully place the second plate on top. Cut the tape and stick the plates together on the top and bottom. Now only the beautiful clamp is missing and the nameplate can be hung up.

  1. acrylic glass sign with wedding date
    Acrylic glass sign wedding date

This idea is super nice as a wedding decoration. You can put the sign afterwards as a beautiful reminder on the shelf or hang on the wall. This variation works the same way as the name tag.

  1. acrylic mural with pressed flowers
    Acrylic glass plates DIY

This variation is an inspiration for beautiful quotes, poems or the like that you can hang on your wall. The instructions and materials list are the same as the name plate.

  1. acrylic hexagon name tags with pressed leaves and flowers.
    Acrylic Hexagons DIY Ideas

Aren’t these little hexagons with names just super pretty? You could still add the date of birth to them and give them as a gift for the birth. Another idea would be to use them as name tags for seating at a party. They also look great on a shelf, window or mantel. With a paper clip, you can hang them for good measure.

For this project, I experimented with super glue and found a solution where the acrylic sheets stick well and you only see minimal glue marks.

2 acrylic glass hexagons, 5 mm thick, transparent, 6 mm side length (you can specify hexagon as a
standard shape in the web shop)
dried flowers, ginkgo leaves
small paper clips (5 or 6 cm)
plotter with vinyl foil
alternative without plotter: black calligraphy pens (brushpen) for glass and porcelain
This is how it works
Peel off the protective foils from the acrylic glass plates.

With or without plotter

For the filigree names I used a plotter this time and cut them out of adhesive vinyl and glued them on afterwards.
If you don’t have a plotter, you can print out your design on a sheet of paper, put the acrylic glass plate over it and paint the names directly on the glass with a porcelain crayon.

Next, arrange the leaves or flowers on the bottom sheet and then place the sheet with the name on top.
Fix the hexagons with a clamp.
Hold the two glass plates in your hand and now put up to 6 small drops of super glue on the lower edges of the discs so that they flow a little into the gap. Be careful not to use too much glue and let the droplets run out a lot. Fix the discs at the bottom with 2 clamps each and let the whole thing dry and set.

Gluing acrylic glass with superglue

Remove the clamps when the glue is hard. If you still have a big gap on the top side, you can use a few drops of glue here too or use the smaller paper clamps to fix it. By the way, for me the flowers and leaves hold their position without gluing the top.

Tip 1 Bend butterfly paper clamps to size.
The clamps are actually made for paper and not for two smooth 5mm thick sheets. That’s why you have to bend the clamps a bit to fit. Clamp the two plates between the paper clamps to see where the clamp touches the plates at the back.
Then take a pair of pliers and bend the two places that touch the back about 90°degrees outward (down). This will increase the contact areas and clamp the two plates much better.

Bending clamps for acrylic glass

Tip 2 for gluing and working with acrylics
Make sure that you work neatly and cleanly, because you will see traces of glue or dust and small particles of dirt between the acrylic glass plates later.

I hope you are now also inspired and try experimenting with acrylic glass. The possibilities are really endless.